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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Invisible Children

Heartbreaking, yet inspiring... The young people who founded this organization Invisible Children, have made a huge impact through storytelling and filmmaking. Any aspiring filmmakers out there that have ideas for CAWW?

After sitting with my intention for a while, I feel as if my personal art is a good way for me to move into the community I'd like to work for/with. I decided to start locally, and so I'm writing a play for children, to be acted, designed and played by children at a local school or El Centro Cultural in Balboa Park. I will talk to Viviann- the artistic director at El Centro and see if she has any openings for me to get in there and work with the children. I've worked with her in the past as an assistant while she directed a children's play. She is a great playwright and director. I'm glad to know her.

If you know of any other theaters or schools that may be interested in a children's production that teaches the history of chocolate, please let me know. I think theatre is a great avenue for kids to explore their creativity. I've also recently come into contact with a youth arts organization called ARTS, their mission is to: Transform Kids' Lives Through Free Arts Programs- they are located in downtown San Diego. It would be fun to use this play as an opportunity to workshop with them as well.

Your continued feedback and ideas are greatly appreciated. Thank you! - Nisi

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katecontinued said...

These are some beautiful plans and dreams. I look forward to watching CAWW grow. I want you to write an article for our newsletter about this. We will talk. katecontinued . . . @#17

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