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Saturday, October 4, 2008

Writing with Others

As of late, I have been writing with others. Usually I write alone, so this experience is all brand new. Please join in on the bizarre behaviour by attending Writer's Group- Tuesday 6PM and Thursday 6:30 PM at the beautiful Encinitas Library. Share the creativity you possess!

Some clichés to avoid in creative writing- in case you were wondering, according to The Writer:

Any sweet little boy or innocent old lady who uses foul language, any bright, spunky heroine who is frustrated by sexist clods and prevails... until, one day, she has to be rescued by her father, brother, boyfriend, husband, ex-husband, grandfather, or witty gay friend... who's still a bit of a jerk but who is basically a good guy and probably ought to be given another chance anyhow, because, as we all know, there just aren't that many great guys out there in the first place,any iconoclastic, vulnerable, lonely and damaged postmodern hero or heroine who's searching for someone or something, or please God, just anything to believe in but can't surrender his or her hard-earned skepicism because he or she has got just too darned much intellectual integrity, and finally, the A-1, worst, most pathetic creative writing cliché ever: Personification! of any breeze, storm, body of water, cloud, fog, building, mountain, mist, swamp, tree, flower, flock, fish, portrait, planet, star, body part, farm animal, city, time of day, room, weapon, item of clothing, food, forest animal or Grecian urn. Such as: The despairing clouds wept tears that splattered my soul with despair.

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