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Monday, December 1, 2008

A Poem From the Past


I cannot find you back in time,
From those days I slept away,
A flickering life that was tinkering
On the brink of being born.

There are only ruins now-
once temples, below a pyramid,
Our bodies buried.
Most likely your design.

Ages pass by,
Yet you are still hidden outside,
The gates of Oblivion,
Climbing the night to see if you can
find the one you thought was real.

In one dimension there is darkness,
Where submerging lilies take their start
in the blood pond beneath my heart,
I stare at twists of ancient links,
And gaze to chains of double helix.

In between cracks of stone,
I'm lulled away to find filaments anew
or something in the dust bowl of my skull.
Searching the imagination for subtle clues.

Encoded upon the spider's silver armor,
Intricate memories are woven,
And the slow itch builds.
The metallic flow rushing to the surface,

So slowly at first that it is mistaken
for a breeze- a needed fix.
Waiting in the wings for something
to flutter by.

Yet nothing has changed,
The ghost's ideals remain,
The patterns are all the same.

It's true I walked directly towards you,
That was part of the dream,
But you didn't see me turn
and fade back across the tracks.

The part where I dug the earth,
For something in bones to trace
the moment in solidity.
I found this female skeleton,
And she became my heir:

The breath that sparked,
The pulse with the heart,
The heart with the light,
The light with the body.
Beseeching the sky
to obtain redemption,

While the fiery flesh kept the illusion,
As to where the smoke signals snake through
Old spaces between connective tissue.
The longing marrow slowly tearing,
At what was trapped with bright creation.

Under my skin I feel,
Where coursing warm waters are,
Moving along faster by burning determination.
Heart rate quickening- yearning,
To see your toothy smile.

So what binds us you and I?
Beyond the freeing of static energy,
To the discovery of what is Truth,
Something beyond the thinking mind,
As it is meant to be from God,
In one's own right at birth.

And I wonder where you are taking me,
Now that I am alive.


Tuesday, October 21, 2008

What I Write with Others

When the dust settles over the clock- it looks different, as if Time has changed course and I've made my way back into my alternate reality. This is challenging, yet doable and getting easier with Practice.

Linear time keeps me in my mind. A mind with a thousand voices that are not mine. It sounds as if they are arguing in there, not agreeing on a damn thing.

Hell is a place of punishment, a place of fear, pain and suffering, a place where fire burns you. Human beings are already in hell. This is living in hell. We are living in hell: The fear, pressure, the stigma of memory, the heat in the body, the noise in the head, the sting in the solar plexus, the melting heart. I don't mind hell, my mind doesn't mind it at all. My thinking mind thrives here. The devil made me do it.

Thank God Spirit knows heaven. I'm there right now, in the present.

When the dust settles on the lens- I see clearly, isn't that image in the mirror you looking back at me?

You are beautiful.

Do you have any AngelBrainChildren from Heaven I should know about? I'd love to hear how you spend your time...

Write On,

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Writing with Others

As of late, I have been writing with others. Usually I write alone, so this experience is all brand new. Please join in on the bizarre behaviour by attending Writer's Group- Tuesday 6PM and Thursday 6:30 PM at the beautiful Encinitas Library. Share the creativity you possess!

Some clichés to avoid in creative writing- in case you were wondering, according to The Writer:

Any sweet little boy or innocent old lady who uses foul language, any bright, spunky heroine who is frustrated by sexist clods and prevails... until, one day, she has to be rescued by her father, brother, boyfriend, husband, ex-husband, grandfather, or witty gay friend... who's still a bit of a jerk but who is basically a good guy and probably ought to be given another chance anyhow, because, as we all know, there just aren't that many great guys out there in the first place,any iconoclastic, vulnerable, lonely and damaged postmodern hero or heroine who's searching for someone or something, or please God, just anything to believe in but can't surrender his or her hard-earned skepicism because he or she has got just too darned much intellectual integrity, and finally, the A-1, worst, most pathetic creative writing cliché ever: Personification! of any breeze, storm, body of water, cloud, fog, building, mountain, mist, swamp, tree, flower, flock, fish, portrait, planet, star, body part, farm animal, city, time of day, room, weapon, item of clothing, food, forest animal or Grecian urn. Such as: The despairing clouds wept tears that splattered my soul with despair.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Invisible Children

Heartbreaking, yet inspiring... The young people who founded this organization Invisible Children, have made a huge impact through storytelling and filmmaking. Any aspiring filmmakers out there that have ideas for CAWW?

After sitting with my intention for a while, I feel as if my personal art is a good way for me to move into the community I'd like to work for/with. I decided to start locally, and so I'm writing a play for children, to be acted, designed and played by children at a local school or El Centro Cultural in Balboa Park. I will talk to Viviann- the artistic director at El Centro and see if she has any openings for me to get in there and work with the children. I've worked with her in the past as an assistant while she directed a children's play. She is a great playwright and director. I'm glad to know her.

If you know of any other theaters or schools that may be interested in a children's production that teaches the history of chocolate, please let me know. I think theatre is a great avenue for kids to explore their creativity. I've also recently come into contact with a youth arts organization called ARTS, their mission is to: Transform Kids' Lives Through Free Arts Programs- they are located in downtown San Diego. It would be fun to use this play as an opportunity to workshop with them as well.

Your continued feedback and ideas are greatly appreciated. Thank you! - Nisi

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Aid to Artisans

I found a few organizations that are doing what I'd like to accomplish- along with other things, but this is a good resource. Please check them out:, and

I've just begun my research, so if anyone knows what it entails to start a non-profit please let me know. It takes about two years to establish non-profit status, so I imagine there is quite a bit to it. I'd like to go the route of the corportaion. I've written grants for non-profit organizations in the past, so I know how they work once up and running. I just need some kick start thoughts. Please let me know if you have any.


Saturday, September 6, 2008

Creative Children and Women Worldwide

I've decided to start a non-profit organization that supports children and women in communities throughout the world. I have yet to come up with a final mission statement, but I've come to realize that it is time for me to start directly working for the greater good of humanity. The organization will most likely be called Creative Children and Women Worldwide.

One mission of CCAWW is to assist artisans and young artisans so that they may continue to develop their creativity. I think micro loans and workshops will be in order, as well finding retail businesses that will help sell what they create and share their stories with the world. CCAWW will serve as a cataylist to help artisans gain economic stability.

I'm currently searching for a Board of Directors. Any ideas? Please let me know.

Wish me Luck!

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