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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Online Writing Groups

If you are looking for some constructive feedback on your writing I recommend Writer's Cafe. It is an online community for writers that works the same way as say, a writing group meeting at a cafe. If you want to publish online, enter contests, join writing groups, and meet other writers- most who give useful feedback, then this is your place. It is also possible to advertise your work for a fee. Let me know what you think of this new online writing community. And for those of you who are really serious about getting feedback from other writers, check out Scribophile. On there you will see a lot of works in progress such as chapter books and collections. Happy Writing!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Marina Petro and her Beauty

I feel inspired to paint! Marina Petro has an eye that inspires. I have enjoyed looking at her work and I hope all of you do too. Enjoy the Beauty...

Marina works primarily with oil on canvas. Her “Zone Series” paintings are rendered with mixed media on canvas. Paintings range from visionary and cosmic landscapes to realistic landscapes, still life, and abstract works.

She has created an exclusive line of greeting cards and fine art prints of her original artwork. Visit her blog for more.

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