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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Pure Beauty

Friday, February 22, 2013

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Review by Denise Kinsley (Nisi A. Kinsley) of Making a Novel by Gerard Gavarry published in bombay gin Literary Journal

Making a Novel explores Gavarry’s revolutionary approach to language in Hoppla! 1 2 3. He takes three objects for his novel—a coconut palm tree, a cargo ship, and the centaur—and creates entire worlds around them. With these in mind, Gavarry then uses the deuterocanonical Book of Judith as a frame, writing the story of this biblical heroine from the perspective of an adolescent male character named Ti-Jus. Well versed in etymology, the scientific understanding of things, words and proper names issued from ancient Greece, Gavarry applies his knowledge to create new jargon and description for his novel Hoppla!. For example, in the first “panel” of the triptych, Gavarry uses the scientific name for the coconut palm, coco nucifera, and its flower, spadice, as the root for slang when one of Ti-Jus’ teenaged friends expresses annoyance as he tries to open a door while the train is moving, “What the Nucifera!” Another youth replies mockingly, “Spadices, dude, spadices!” Gavarry explains: 

 This language is a jargon of sorts, or something resembling jargon. Understood only by insiders, it comprises various borrowings, distortions, and wordplay, all having some connection to the coconut palm.

 Together with language, art, myth (personal or historical) and memory, Gevarry shows us that the possibilities are endless when writing a novel, and the most fascinating parts are the discoveries (from either accidents or the subconscious) the writer makes along the way. Making a Novel presents different ways to look at language, history and synchronicity. Gevarry refers to the synchronic events as “pleasant surprises”:

The times when suddenly a writer discovers that the hand of fate has worked in his favor. Or at least, this is his impression when, upon rereading his text for the umpteenth time, he suddenly apprehends an unexpected meaning or connotation, a stubborn echo of his own personal story, or a resurgence of some implicit theme he believed to have buried deep in the subtext; and likewise, while doing some research, he comes across a word he never knew existed, but which he immediately recognizes as the one he needed to complete a certain sentence.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

The Voices of Women in a Hidden World

THE KITCHEN SISTERS are launching a new NPR multimedia series exploring the hidden world of girls. Stories of coming of age, rituals and rites of passage, secet identities—of women who crossed a line, blazed a trail, changed the tide.

Call the NPR Message Line – 202-408-9576. Tell your stories and ideas. Share your photos, audio, video at The Hidden World of Girls series began on March 22nd.

The stories of girls and women are stories to be heard.

Have a listen.

Friday, March 5, 2010

The Spectacular Yard Dogs Road Show

I remember my Portland days living on "The Farm" along with twelve other creative, talented human beings and give or take 14 canines. The Yard Dogs Road Show was passin' through town and I got to experience some of their splendor from the comforts of my own home. They brought the entire entourage to The Farm and stayed for a spell. They performed a couple shows in Portland, Oregon and then hit the road again. I didn't see them again until the Oregon Country Fair.

"Born from the saloon vaudeville that toured the Wild West in the late 1800's and slammed into the underworld of modern American road culture. The Yard Dogs create a timeless space for the union of ancient theatrical alchemy and modern pop culture."

Until a few weeks ago, it had been seven plus years since I'd seen them perform. I needed a wild Americana fix in a major way, so I decided to drive on down to The Casbah in San Diego to watch The Yard Dogs entertain a captivated audience (their first San Diego show ever). Their music, dance and amazing feats will rock you out and leave you spellbound. If you ever have the chance to see these guys and lovely ladies perform you are in for a treat! Enjoy the show. And watch out for Lily Rose Love, she steals it every time. XO

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