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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Ingrid and Her Crows

I have recently come across a talented artist that I felt like sharing with all of you. Her name is Ingrid Blixt and she likes Crows... She is from Romania and brings with her work the life experience of a different cultural environment, which offers a distinctive characteristic to her art work.

"...the human dimension defines my interest and represents the main inspiration source. My travels around the country and also visiting back with my home country offers me a great source of inspiration, as well as my everyday experiences and interactions with people."

Although drawing is her primary medium, the variety of techniques and materials she uses in her work meet on interesting prepared surfaces, exploring the great resources of mixed media. She is also a talented photographer. I hope you enjoy her work. Let me know what you think. And visit Ingrid's Etsy site to have a closer look at more of her art.


Shadow said...

i too like crows. i'm gonna have a look...

Shadow said...

wow, her stuff is outstanding. certainly my taste, i love it.

Athena said...

I love crows - very mystical. Thank you for visiting my blog. Yours is lovely.

Anonymous said...

Ohh her work is Awesome..!!

human being said...


Juan Antonio Torron Castro said...

Interesante blog, me gusta y con permiso te sigo.
Un saludo desde Barcelona.-

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