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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Russ Tomlin- Friend of the Crows

Russ Tomlin captures crows in a unique way. The images he creates with his camera make me think the crows are willing and happy to pose for him. They seem aware of his presence, his love of their beauty and of Nature. I'm convinced he is a dear friend to a circle of crows living along the Oregon coast. Russ Tomlin also has an eye for the beauty found in flowers, stones, shells and the sea. Have a look at his work on Flickr. Enjoy the soaring, loving, bowing, friendly crows that are so much a part of his artistic world...


Odd Chick said...

how wonderful that you stopped by my blog and gave me critique and it gave me a chance to visit your very interesting posts. i love crows too so i was fascinated by the art you've gathered and honored here. you made very meaningful remarks about my painting and it will really help as i begin the large canvas. i hope you'll come back soon and see the final results.

Shadow said...

he sure is gifted!

Cyrus Rumi said...

Lovely pictures:)

Have a great day:)


manivannan said...

Loved the first 2 pics...They're stunning! And am wondering what the third one is; though it is beautiful!

I'm really happy I found your blog. Will be coming back....And thanks a lot for cheering me!

Happy Weekend :-)

Elise said...

great post - thanks !

Ribbon said...

I too love crows...
beautiful shots

best wishes
Ribbon :)

May said...

me encantan los cuervos, tienen algo entre fĂșnebre y misterioso que me fascina, mis felicitaciones

Angela said...

I love these crow photos. I see crows every day when I cycle to work and I am always intrigued by them.

Crows mate for life. If you see 2 together they are more than likely a lifelong pair.

If you see 3 crows they are probably a lifelong pair with one of their offspring who stays with them until they find a mate.

If you see more than 3 or 4 these are all the single crows who hang out in a gang.

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