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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Our Lady of Guadalupe Today

On this day in 1531 the Virgin de Guadalupe was sighted by a humble man named Juan Diego at a place called Teypeyacac, in what is present day Mexico City. She asked Juan Diego to go to the Bishop and petition him to build a temple for her at the foot of Tepeyacac. The Bisoip was suspicious of Juan Diego and called for proof. The Virgin told Juan Diego to climb to the top of Tepeyacac, where he found flowers growing completely out of season. He wrapped the flowers in his cape and brought them back down the hill to the Bishop, The Image of the Virgin appeared on the cape. The Bishop was humbled and set out straight away to build the Temple.

On this day millions of pilgrims come from all over the world to Mexico City to visit the Virgin de Guadalupe. Skeptics are quick to point out the unlikely coincidence of the Virgin's appearance on Tepeyac, the very site of an Aztec temple dedicated to Tonatzin (earth goddess, mother of the gods and protector of humanity) which had been devastated by order of Bishop Zumarraga.

When she touches you, she begins to purify everything in your life. You fully become your chipahualiztli, the radiant innocence of your True Being. You lose your perceived need to use power to get what you want. Struggle ends. With her, you go through a true re-birth. The essence of her is so vast, yet she's the core of our being. She's inside, outside and all around us! She is the Great Mother, Earth Mother, Divine Mother, Goddess!

On this special day, all of Mexico, and all Mexican sons and daughters on the other side gather for the celebration of the Virgin. An endless parade of pilgrims from the country’s four points appear at her Basilica with their flowers, songs, chants and prayers. They stream in processions led by indigenous dancers, to every church named for her. Wreaths of flowers adorn the signs of streets, neighborhoods, and towns bearing her name. Religious orders, churches and the millions of men, women, boys and girls named for her are especially joyous, as they share her special day.

The nation releases an immense sign of tenderness and experiences a profound expression of Mexican roots and essence and love for Our Lady, Virgen Maria de Guadalupe.

By the early hours of the morning of December 12th, in every niche and cranny Mexico, the burst of fire crackers is heard and their brilliant lights crown this great fiesta dedicated to the Mother of all Mexicans... Our Lady of Guadalupe.

Please read these books for some interesting insight into her world: The Aztec Virgin by John Mini and Goddess of the Americas by Ana Castillo.


bonequinhoda bic said...

Thankyou for this post, It means a lot to me!

bonequinhoda bic said...

I´ve posted a FADO song in my blog that I believe you will enjoy...

Carminho - Meu amor marinheiro

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